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madeingermany… the largest provider of professional speed-measuring systems in Germany.
The absolute MUST HAVE in every stadium, every arena and at every event.





SPORTRADAR can be used as a stadium variation or event module as well as a training tool for professional football, basketball, handball and ice hockey teams.

Slapshot Nolan Diem


In addition, the SPORTRADAR system is available in combination with an inflatable goal, as well as with the popular photo tool. The speed measuring system is not only suitable for football, handball and ice hockey, but also for golf, tennis, volleyball, fist ball, races with bob cars and much more.

Verbauung der Sensoren in Bande



  • Exact results with high quality
  • Cases are solid and waterproof
  • All moving objects can be measured
  • Plug-and-Play principle
  • System works easily (no staff required)
  • Speed is measured automatically
  • Real time display of measuring results
  • Measurements possible from 15 km/h to 300 km/h
  • Measuring results are indicated approximately for 8 seconds
  • System can be connected with display boards
  • Little space required for application and transport



SPORTRADAR Inflatable Goal

  • You only need one power socket to use the system
  • High quality and quickly ready to start
  • Attractive, remarkable and various high-quality branding opportunities
  • Low space requirements (approx. 4m x 3m x 2m)
  • Quiet and power saving continuous fan integrated
  • System works easily (without staff)
  • Solid anchor features and a rope to fix the goal is available
  • Easy to use as a goal wall
  • Made in Germany



WernerThe photo tool is an ideal addition to the SPORTRADAR and offers companies, clubs, etc. an attractive sponsoring platform. With every measurement, the module automatically provides a photo of the shooter, including their name, the achieved speed as well as the date. The photo design can be customized featuring 2 logos and an effectively placed Internet address. These parameters are changeable any time. The photo tool is ideal to finance the speed measuring system and to upgrade its use at events, fairs, etc. The photos can be used as certificates and be directly printed out on site. Or you use your appearance on your social media. Use the photo tool to improve the stadium visit of your spectators, your next event or next convention!



  • All products are for rent or sale
  • Use our rental service to be able to offer something unique for your next event, match or convention. Our product deliveries are fast and reliable. We offer an optional full-service package, which includes set up, dismantling, supervision, branding and promotion.
  • Benefit from the advantages of the SPORTRADAR Pro Set, the inflatable goal, as well as the photo tool at a low cost.
  • Buy our products and you’ll profit: our products are multifunctional, long lasting, reliable and require minimal space and low maintenance. Costs, for stadium and event installments, can be instantly covered through branding and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Benefit from our attractive tools, which are refinanced quickly and can be used for years.




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